Art and Design Resources

When I am asked to speak somewhere, or create a tool for myself, I like to share what I have made. Hopefully these resources I have created will help you in your art and design practices.

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Common Mistakes In Art & Design

(and how to use them to your advantage)

Made in partnership with InVision, and born out of helping critique student and peer work and consistently noticing similar issues, I wrote an ebook on tangents in art and design. You'll learn about 15 different common mistakes artists and designers make, how to fix them or use them to your advantage, and more. And it's free.

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The Ultimate Designer's Project Checklist

This is what I deem to be the ultimate designer project checklist that meets my needs and hopefully your own. This covers nearly every aspect of a project you could imagine, and has a PDF version coming soon.

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Photoshop Swatch Sets preview

The Fundamental Swatch Set

I compiled this core group of Photoshop swatches years ago to help my palette out. I’ll often make smaller ones for specific projects but will usually return to these four. There are two different regular colour wheel swatch sets in CMYK and RGB variations, the CMYK having slightly more contrast between value jumps. The subdued grey wheel is nice to load beneath one of the other wheels for some nice light and dark variation in the hues. Finally, the colour pair set is full of some select analogous, complimentary, and tertiary colour combinations, ideal for people painting or laying out quick ideas on the go and want to try different colour combinations.
  • RGB Colour Wheel swatch set
  • CMYK Colour Wheel swatch set
  • Subdued Greys Colour Wheel swatch set
  • Colour Pairs swatch set
  • Documentation (What, How to, License)
$FREE or by donation   —   Get the fundamental set
Intro to Responsive Design


An overview on Responsive Design, pros and cons, best practices, resources, etc. Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.

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Tangents in Art and Design


A brief outline of some of the basic tangents you might find in art and design. Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.

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Other folks' resources that I swear by

The following are resources that I haven't made myself but highly recommend as they've saved me a lot of time or headache.
Kyle T Webster's Ultimate Brush Pack for Photoshop
Kyle's Ultimate Megapack The best Photoshop brushes, period.
Create your own Custom Scene
Create Your Own Custom Scene Great for Powerpoint slides!
Kyle's Ultimate Gouache for Photoshop
Kyle's Ultimate Gouache More of the best brushes.
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