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About Monkeyslunch

Monkeyslunch creates unique new worlds to explore. Fiction, games, and tabletop fun in OSR, B/X, and other systems. Our focus is on simple & approachable rules, rich lore, and inclusivity.

What we do & create

With Monkeyslunch you'll be able to find...

Original games

Solo and multiplayer tabletop roleplaying and journaling games

Epic stories

Get to know our worlds

DM & Community Resources

Tools to enhance your games and what happens in between

The odd supplement

Mostly flavour, random tables, compatible with multiple products


Adventures compatible with multiple products


Respect & empathy

Hate has no place here or in the things we create.

Fun > Profit

We do this because we enjoy it first and foremost.


We remove barriers to play and ease of play.
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Who is Monkeyslunch?


Monkeyslunch used to be a small design studio run by Spencer Goldade. These days, Monkeyslunch is still primarily owned, run, and operated by Spencer Goldade, but its focus has changed drastically. We create unique and inclusive worlds for people to escape into.

About Spencer

Spencer is a happily married cat-dad who happens to be neuro-diverse, pan, and living with mental illness. Spencer has various degrees and accreditations like a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication, an Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration, certification in user experience design from the Nielsen Norman Group, and more. Spencer has spent the last 20 years helping big and small businesses through digital transformation, levelling up their product operations, innovating and creating brand-new product streams, and building effective product organizations. He has worked with big names like Microsoft and Google and many names you probably have yet to hear of. Meanwhile, Spencer has been chasing illustration, gaming, and other creative pursuits on the side. You can find out more about Spencer on his site.

Monkeyslunch also occasionally collaborates with other creative friends and folks in the tabletop, gaming, illustration, and writing communities. If you're interested in collaborating, the best place to reach out is via Twitter.