I think a lot

I like to make decisions based on information. I think asking the right questions followed by analysis and iteration, is the basis for good user experiences.

I make things

Illustration, concept art, mobile apps... I've dabbled in diverse areas. I specialize, but I also just straight up like to be creative and solve problems.

I do it with love

My personal philosophy is that whatever you do in life, try not to be a jerk. I genuinely care about the things I create and the people I create them with.

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Welcome to Monkeyslunch

From user experience and web design to illustration and concept art. Everything imbued with strong values for environment and animals, seeking like-minded clients.

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I always attempt to donate time, money or services to environment, animal rights and well-being, and human rights and well-being.


I try to give back to the local community and share my knowledge by writing ebooks, blog posts, and giving talks or teaching classes.

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