When being a designer comes in handy

November 6, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Sometimes being a creative person can be so handy.

Here are a few things I’ve seen creatives use their skills for in the real world (whether good or evil):

  • Creatives design their own tattoos
  • See what they’d look like with a new haircut
  • Or hair colour
  • Or facial hair
  • Or with piercings
  • Mixing features to see what their children may look like
  • Seeing what they may look like in a wedding dress
  • Trying on different clothes or glasses
  • Illegally creating parking passes
  • Fake IDs (never seen one myself, but it happens)
  • Faking lawyer letters to put “the fire” under someone’s ass and get them moving on something
  • Create their own professional looking business materials
  • Or, in my case, mock-up what kind of pin striping may look good on their new car

Some of those are pretty evil, but I’m reporting on what I’ve heard! I’m not guilty of the bad ones, I swear!

I’ve owned an Oxygen Blue Mini Cooper since 2008, before that owning a Silver Cooper. Minis have been in my blood. However, due to how skuzzy and nasty the dealership had been to me (whole other story), when deciding to get a bigger vehicle I decided not to go Mini.

As an homage to the Mini, I thought it may be neat to add pin striping in a similar fashion. Why fuss over something like that and maybe hate it later though? Why not just mock it up in Photoshop and see how it looks? Well, that’s what I did.

Kia Soul Pin Striping

Which one do you prefer?

It may be quick and dirty, but at least I can get a sense of what it may look like if I were to go through with things.

And that’s one of the things that’s so awesome about having creative powers at your finger tips. You don’t have to wonder “what would ____ look like?” You can just temporarily fabricate it and find out.

What kind of things have you used your creative powers for?

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