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Common Mistakes In Art & Design

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About the eBook

This book is about common mistakes in art and design written by Spencer Goldade in conjunction with InVision, the user experience powerhouse company. You got that much from the title. What I’ve tried to do is break some of the most pervasive anger-causing visual mishaps down into a few easily understood groups.

Each chapter is formed as follows:

  1. Explanation of a principle or group of issues
  2. Two common issues falling under that principle
  3. Examples
  4. Tips to solve it and/or use it

The hope is that by understanding many of these issues that you may be able to improve your work and no longer be haunted by the feeling of knowing something is wrong with your image but not being able to put your finger on what. Eventually, you may even be able to turn the tables and use some of them to your advantage.

If anything, you’ll be able to engage in conversations at parties about tension points and alignment issues.


Pages of awesome


categories of design tangents


types of design mistakes covered


illustrations and examples

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Have you wondered why people get distracted looking at your work?

Tangents are an ugly beast when you don't know what they are, but an amazing tool once you understand them. You'll finally be able to understand many of the reasons why your images just aren't working, and you'll be able to add subtle visual cues to help improve your imagery.

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What you'll learn

Illustrators, designers, comic book artists, photographers and other art and design related folks will learn about:

  1. What tangents are.
  2. Tension. With the frame and between elements.
  3. Alignment Issues. Accidental alignment and perceived grids.
  4. Diversions and distractors. Pointing elements and eyes.
  5. Frame interactions. Closed corners and mistaken relationships.
  6. Contours. skimming, sharing, stealing, and hidden edges.
  7. Morphing elements. Antlers, growths, and combined inherent value.
  8. Common type mistakes. Orphans and widows, rags, and rivers.
  9. How to look for tangents.
  10. How to tell someone they have them.
  11. Other tips.
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