Tango Bistro Collateral

Design, Print Design

Tango Bistro, a local upscale Calgary restaurant, needed help expanding their visual language, as well as creating some new menus. You can see in some of the animations below the various iterations that were explored.

Very slight explorations of secondary grey and orange tones, and a supporting pattern. Eventually it came to light that the restaurant would like to be able to make changes to the menu fairly often, swapping the occasional mid-seasonal item. Therefore we opted to also explore variations without full-bleed printing so they could be printed themselves on short notice.



20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01 20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01b 20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01c 20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01d 20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01e 20160914-tangomenumockups-sg-v01f