RFC identity and collateral

Design, Visual Identity

Rooted Fitness Crossfit approached me to help them refine their branding, come up with a visual identity, and to help them bring a website together once their visual style was defined, however, they were working on a tighter budget. I like constrained projects like this because without a maximized budget you’re forced to make decisions much quicker and settle.


After a lot of experimentation (even some I did off the clock to ensure things were done right even if on a budget), the client settled on the direction of using really hard angles and strong geometric forms, as was recommended. The alternative path might have been something a little bit more unique from other CrossFit brands, a rounded and more friendly, but still strong RF symbol. The departure from the norm wasn’t something the client was comfortable with at the time, preferring power and rigidity.


Font wise, we chose to keep things simple for now. Where the term “CrossFit” appears in the wordmark needed to be a space where other terms could be swapped in, should Rooted Fitness decide to expand into other markets (ie: Rooted Fitness Supplements).



While we did a lot of colour exploration, with a variety of red, blue and green hues, the majority of choices the client gravitated towards were the reds for a few reasons. Firstly, the power it seemed to represent when paired with the logo and wordmark. When using greens and blues it was feeling a bit too friendly and not energetic enough. Starting to move towards redder oranges, salmons and saturated reds had better results towards the desired goals.


rfc_6Who says you can’t make a decent logo on a tight budget?