Lunchbox To Go Identity

Design, Print Design

Two years in a row at Post+Beam, we had the task of helping Lunchbox Theatre with their campaign material and overall play collateral for the year. Lunchbox Theatre is a long-time-running noon-hour running theatre company. With a limited budget, Post+Beam was happy to donate part of our time to the theatre company, as it meant we got to participate in some interesting creative projects.

For this year’s batch of work I created a sub-brand called Lunchbox To Go. Lunchbox To Go, a travelling offshoot of the main company, required a new logo that utilized the original in an interesting way. I visited numerous different concepts, below.

0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_04 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_05 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_06 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_07 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_08 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_09 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_10 0317_lunchboxtogologo_sg_v02_page_11

There was a lot more experimentation than seen here, but ultimately we went back to one of the original concepts and refined it further into the below.