Lunchbox Collateral 2015

Design, Print Design

Two years in a row at Post+Beam, we had the task of helping Lunchbox Theatre with their campaign material and overall play collateral for the year. Lunchbox Theatre is a long-time-running noon-hour running theatre company. With a limited budget, Post+Beam was happy to donate part of our time to the theatre company, as it meant we got to participate in some interesting creative projects.

For this year’s batch of work I also had a hand in creating their rack card, play artwork, and posters.

The final deliverables were:

  • A rack card (double sided piece showcasing upcoming plays)
  • Poster artwork
  • Regular poster formats
  • Lunchbox Theatre building interior poster formats
  • Lunchbox Theatre exterior window poster formats
  • Brochure booklet with extra info about each play, show dates, etc

Below you can see a snapshot of some of the work I created for the 2015/16 play season. You can see that the direction for this year relied heavily on photo-manipulation and flat colour. We had already decided at this point that the next year, 2016/17 would rely on a more illustrative approach, so I was getting into this project already excited for the one that would follow!

Rack Card


Some posters

20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01j 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01i 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01h 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01g 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01f 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01e 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01d 20160913-lboxpresentation-sg-v01c

Some views of the brochure

20160913-lboxbrochurepresentation-sg-v01b 20160913-lboxbrochurepresentation-sg-v01

The project has been a resounding success both years I’ve tackled it. The 2015/16 year was an interesting year, creatively, as I was stuck using mostly stock photos and flat fixed tones in order to convey each play. I think this worked out rather well!