COPPER 8 Identity

Design, Visual Identity

I was tasked through Post+Beam with helping the local interior design company, COPPER 8, brand themselves, as well as create a visual identity to embody that branding. They knew right away that they wanted something a bit more typography based, and had a good idea of what the colours should be. I love these types of constraints, as they help push things in a clearer direction from the beginning of a project! It’s nice to have a few rules and guidelines to start with.

We started a little crude, mixing basic line and shape with simple fonts. We would iterate on each item numerous times until we could find something that worked and then improve upon that.



Despite having some pretty good constraints and direction going, we still did a lot of experimentation, research into competitors, typeface sizes and kerning, and other variations until the client was happy.

0428_Copper8LogosCaseStudy3_SG_v01 0428_Copper8LogosCaseStudy2_SG_v01 0428_Copper8LogosCaseStudy1_SG_v01

In the end we decided on something very simple, and would elaborate on the visual identity beyond the logo with simple elegant embellishments on the various collateral pieces like business cards and letterhead later. You can see the final chosen logo below.

0428_Copper8LogoFinal_SG_v01 0428_Copper8LogosCaseStudy4_SG_v01 0428_Copper8LogosCaseStudy5_SG_v01

From here my task was to art direct the creation of the rest of the collateral, but I hope you enjoy where I was able to take the logo for the interior design firm, COPPER 8.