Amaiò Swim Logo Refresh

Design, Visual Identity

Occasionally a client like Amaiò Swim, that I worked on through Post+Beam, will approach an agency and say they don’t necessarily want a logo redesign, but they feel like something just isn’t right. I liked the Amaiò logo but I agreed that there were just a few small tweaks that could help. I thought this was a good example of some of the different projects creatives are asked to do and what type of critical eye is required.

20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_03 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_04 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_05 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_06 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_07 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_08 20160511-amaiologos-sg-v01_page_09

20160914-amaiobeforeafter-sg-v01 20160914-amaionewlogo-sg-v01

There was, of course, some back and forth with the client, collecting feedback, and trying a few different things. What you can see is that we reduced the width of the thinner segments of the logo for more contrast and elegance. We also adjusted the overall kerning of the forms.

Brand Guide

At this point it was recognized that the company didn’t have a proper brand guide from their original logo design, so we were happy to help them flesh that out as well. Below you can see a snapshot from that document. Things like how much space should be around the logo, how a registered trademark symbol should be used, unacceptable use guidelines, font pairing, colours, and more.

20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_04 20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_05 20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_06 20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_07 20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_08 20160518-amaiologo-sg-v01_page_09