Amaiò Swim Collateral

Design, Print Design, Visual Identity

While working with Amaiò Swim at Post+Beam, I was happy to help direct their creative in a few different ways, as well as personally create promotional materials and numerous concept pieces to help steer the creative outlook of the company.

Ultimately we created a lot of pieces for Amaiò Swim, most of which have been pretty common deliverables for branding packages. I either created these pieces myself or art directed others on the team through the process while liaising with the client.

  • A visual style guide
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Seasonal look book
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram templates
  • Other social templates

Look Book

One of the normal things a fashion company has is a seasonal look book to feature their latest pieces. I had the pleasure of creating a very minimal designed book with a focus on the fashion items themselves. Working with one of Calgary’s top printers, Kallen, we were also able to get some really nice papers, textures, and binding to elevate this look book above the usual ones you see around.

20160914-amaiolookbookmock1-sg-v01 20160914-amaiolookbookmock2-sg-v01b 20160914-amaiolookbookmock2-sg-v01c 20160914-amaiolookbookmock2-sg-v01d 20160914-amaiolookbookmock2-sg-v01

Collateral Concepts

One of the areas I had a lot of fun with when we were working on Amaiò Swim was helping concept out what various collateral could look like. We created concepts for things like bags and tags for the future when Amaiò had a physical space. Something to look forward to, as well as to see how their colours, logo, and pattern choices may look. It was exercises like this that helped us refine the brand patterns later on, realizing once seeing them in action that they could use some tweaks.

20160525-patternbagtest-sg-v02-1 20160525-patternbagtest-sg-v03 20160525-patternbagtest-sg-v04 20160525-patternlabeltest-sg-v02 20160525-patternlabeltest-sg-v03

Social media templates

Taking into account that the client wanted to be more self-sufficient, I created numerous social media templates for them that had modular items that could be turned on or off and edited. This would make it much easier for them to drop in an image, edit some text, and save.

You can see in the Instagram and Twitter examples below that there are options for gradient shading coming in from the top and bottom, either of which can be turned off, along with placements for the logo in any corner, hashtags, and copy, all in the proper brand specifications. Mixing and matching and turning things on and off, the client could then do what they liked, eventually moving things around and getting more ambitious.

20160504-amaiotwitter-sg-v01-1 20160504-amaiotwitter-sg-v01b 20160504-amaiotwitter-sg-v01c 20160511-amaioinsta1080-sg-v01

Creating numerous collateral pieces was just one way that we helped Amaiò Swim flesh out their brand and creative direction.