About Monkeyslunch

Monkeyslunch started in 2003 as a small creative stop for the clients of myself, Spencer Goldade, a then illustrator and designer. Since then Monkeyslunch has quickly evolved, now providing creative, user-focused solutions, consulting, direction, and education, for organizations of all sizes. I tag-team projects with some of the most talented developers, writers, and otherwise creative makers in Calgary and abroad.

I also hold onto a very strong set of core values and morals, and make sure clients who share those nearly as much as I do get preferential treatment for being awesome. Who says you can't dabble in advertising without losing your soul? The other people around me and how much I care about them are at the center of my approach to my art and design practices, and life.

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The main difference between what I do and my competitors is three things.

  1. Values come first. I infuse projects with empathy, moral and ethical integrity, and caring. I will also not put myself in a place, or allow my clients to be put in a place, where those values are compromised.
  2. The process. I don't intend to go as fast as possible. I want to measure twice, cut once. My training is based in extensive process to make sure things work and solve the problem as best as possible.
  3. Research, testing, and iteration. Setting you loose with a fresh coat of paint is not design. At least not good design, not in my opinion. Design solves problems, and does so through careful and well thought out research, testing, measurement against the goals, and iteration.


Hi, I'm Spencer.

I have developed a wide range of effective web, print, and mobile based properties for numerous businesses worldwide, including a five year term at Canadian telecom giant Shaw Communications, freelance through my own Monkeyslunch monicker, and currently with the amazing agency, Post+Beam. Through these pursuits, I have consistently demonstrated competencies in diverse areas such as leadership, communication, user experience, design, illustration, front-end development, content strategy, creative strategy, creative direction and always with creative thinking driving everything.

I have a strong passion to always improve, tackle new challenges, and to enjoy doing so. What I really am is creative. I love making things, and making other people happy by doing so. I work great in a team, having been told my work ethic is contagious. If any of that sounds good to you, maybe we should chat.

Monkeyslunch is openly in support of equality of all people, genders, races, and cultures. We have zero tolerance for bigotry.

5% of all profits will be donated to charities. This quarter's main chosen cause is the fight for Human Rights in North Korea. Where's your dollar going?

I'm a fairly active speaker in the community. If you want me to come speak to your class, let me know.