Updated Colors For Breath

August 23, 2008 - 3 minutes read

Other than the About page finally being updated and the Links page soon to follow… The colours for Breath have been done for a while and Thomas Mauer, the letterer, is working on them. Here is some of the colour updates though. Time was running short so I had to take what Rico Renzi, my colouring partner on this, had done and work off of it. I took some of Rico’s colours as inspiration and went nuts. You can compare this page to the one a couple posts ago.  This is the colour theory that I more or less extended throughout the rest of the comic.  I’m told that the last few pages of it, which you can’t see yet, are some of my best work. 🙂


My insomnia is back… whenever I get close to sleep I have some whacked out dream and wake up 5 minutes later!

I dreamed someone was in the house and I went upstairs to check. They were in the spare room since my roommates haven’t moved in yet. I opened the door, which wasn’t supposed to be closed, and turned on the light. Facing and in the corner was an extremely pale, bald, skinny, and nude figure standing completely still. I tried to mumble but nothing came out. I started to back up towards the door again when another pasty arm came through it and grabbed my own and I woke up. O_O

I also dreamed night before last that I could change matter by putting my hands around something and concentrating on what I wanted it to change into. Someone was chasing my girlfriend and I so we decided I should turn her into a pine cone, and so I did. Then, it turned out it was goblins! They chased me around some giant iceberg that was in the middle of the landscape until I finally either got away or outsmarted them into leaving me alone. Then, when I went to look for my girlfriend again, there were more pine cones than one! I had to change each one of them into an “Ashley” and the one that actually had a brain was going to be her. I found her, but it took forever.

Funny stuff.  I’m feeling pretty beat tonight though, so maybe it was a short stint!

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