More Arkaia Video Game Concept Art

March 18, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Hi there! I have some lovely new video game concept art for you today, people of the internet. I’m trying to get back to helping my best friend, Karyl, with Arkaia: the Mysterious Island. I’ve been using the concept art as a chance to experiment with some new tools and approaches, as well. Some successes, some not so successes, but learnings all around.

These are some more magical/alchemy based plant designs for Arkaia’s world, which could make it into the game, or could not.

  • A spiked pineapple tentacle whip that could get a bit handsy when you get close to it, and possibly be used to make tools
  • A glowing mushroom in homage to Skyrim, and like its inspiration it is also used as a source of light, to eat, or to combine with other things
  • And, my personal favourite, some slightly melancholic flowers trapped in natural forming crystal-like formations

Scream at Karyl on Twitter if you think any of these should be included in the game (and yell at me too, no one ever talks to me on Twitter). The game engine was recently upgraded to Unity 5 and the visuals have definitely gotten a huge boost because of it. Seeing some of these concepts come to life would be quite interesting!

Experimenting with these pieces I was using a bunch of different brushes by Kyle T Webster, and attempting some different approaches. A lot of the time I do traditionally inked line art, scan it, and then colour in Photoshop, letting the inks remain black. This time I have done a mix of traditional and digital inking using Kyle’s brushes, and played around with some more painterly approaches, and colouring or even ditching the line art altogether at times. I’m not overly happy with where any of them netted out, style wise, but the important thing is that I learned something, children.

Pineapple Hand concept art by Spencer Goldade

Glowing Mushroom concept art by Spencer Goldade

Crystallized flowers concept art by Spencer Goldade

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