Lenny, an Artist Sketchbook Review

February 6, 2015 - 4 minutes read

I’ve been doing a ton of work lately: illustration, design, figure drawing, and even ceramics. Trying to get my fill! A lot of things aren’t ready to show or would require more laborious effort to document, so when I dug out my old sketchbook a couple of days ago to show a friend that I am helping learn how to draw, a lot of the content not having seen the light of day, I figured I may as well share it.

So, here you go, here’s Lenny, my tiny little artist sketchbook.

A bit about Lenny, the artist sketchbook

Lenny earned its nickname from the linen paper inside. I used to carry Lenny all over and use him as a quick and dirty doodle place when I didn’t want to bring out my larger sketchbook.

  • He’s about 3×5 inches-ish (I don’t have a ruler handy
  • Linen style paper (not recommended for wet media, I was just having fun and trying not to be so precious)
  • Mixed media- brush pen, watercolour, pencil, ink, linocuts, etc etc etc
  • 2009/10

Subject matter wise, you can see that I loved drawing birds, ladies, and animals, and for the most part still do. I try to carry a small sketchbook with me, and my travel size watercolour set is usually in my backpack, as well as a pentel brush pen (my preferred brand). That’s really all you need for quick sketching and art creation in my opinion. You may notice that I also tested out some linocut techniques right in the sketchbook as well, the linen paper reacting quite well to the type of ink I was using.

On starting a sketchbook of your own

If you’re looking to get into sketching on the go or in general my main recommendation to you is: stop making it so precious. Don’t fret about the paper quality, the ink quality, whether it works out, any of that. An artist’s sketchbook is meant to be a place to try new things, to hone skills not present them as perfected. When you’re drawing on the go, on the train, in a car, at a park, things are going to bump you, shake you, wobble you. Let it be what it is. If you use your sketchbook to only stick to what you know, or try and make everything perfect, it will no longer be what a sketchbook should be: a place for an artist to learn and grow. It’s a “sketchbook,” not an “amazingly perfect book of awesome that will sell for a million dollars.”

Get out of your own head!

More updates coming soon. I have some work being done on the site by my amazingly talented developer friend, Dan (the Bearded Nerd), as well as some good posts planned out and a lot of new work. Stay tuned!

Dik Dik from Lenny, the Artist Sketchbook by Spencer Goldade

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