Learning Brush Lettering

July 14, 2015 - 3 minutes read

This past weekend I had the pleasure in my new volunteer position as Events Coordinator for the Graphic Designer’s Association of Canada to organize a brush-pen lettering workshop with the LigaturesYYZ typography group. Not only did I get to meet some awesome people, but I also participated in the second half of the workshop and started to flex some incredibly old muscles (as you’ll see).

The workshop went off really well and seemed to get really great feedback! I was really happy with Chris Rouleau and Kyle Gallant from LigaturesYYZ for sharing their expertise and charisma with us. I would definitely recommend having them come teach a workshop with you or be a part of your event. Their professionalism, organization, and quality of teaching and materials were all top-notch! I believe their home base is Toronto, but considering that we’re in Calgary, half a country away, it’s clear they’re open to travel.

We also had the pleasure of using Uppercase Magazine‘s beautiful space in one of Calgary’s heritage buildings. Janine from Uppercase has created an artist and designer’s heaven within those walls. Everywhere you looked was some piece of art or design, a book you’d heard of but never been able to see in real life, retro design materials, and more.

Check out some photos of the event, below, followed by some of my own work that come out of it.

ligatures7 ligatures1 ligatures2 ligatures6 ligatures10ligatures3


Here’s some of my (very rusty but enjoyable) work from the workshop

ligatures4 ligatures5 ligatures8 CJ0AiZBWUAAoIQvligatures9


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