Interview on the Spark & The Art episode 52

April 21, 2015 - 3 minutes read

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Sean “Tucker” Harley interviewed me for his podcast series, The Spark & The Art.

The Spark & The Art is a podcast by Tucker (aka Sean Harley), that explores the journey from idea to done. In the past year Tucker has interviewed some pretty awesome people, as varied as design legend Stefan Sagmeister, Book Of Life Movie director Jorge Gutierrez and even his Mom and Dad (whom are both creative powerhouses). You’re sure to stay inspired listening to the Spark and the Art, and I’m honoured to have been a guest on the show again.

In Tucker’s words:

“This week’s episode is an interview with Spencer Goldade. If the name sounds familiar, you may have listened to his The Spark & The Art interview in episode two. He was not only my first interview for the podcast, but my first interview ever, so I thought it made sense for him to be my first repeat guest.

Spencer and I talk about the impact travel can have on your art. The importance of trying new forms of creativity. How you can’t be an expert at everything. And lastly and most importantly, why you shouldn’t compromise on your morals and why you shouldn’t be a jerk.”

I speak a little bit more candidly in this interview, touching on how last year was the worst year of my life, and how that had an effect on who I am now and my art and design practices. What I’d like for any of you to gather first and foremost if you listen in is to be careful with your morals and values. Whatever you hold dear to your character, examine it, if you find it to be integral to who you are then don’t compromise on it. Change is good, growing is something we should always do, but make sure you’re changing for the right reasons.

To listen, you have lots of effective options. My favourite is just using iTunes or the podcast app on my iOS or Mac devices, but I don’t want to cut out all you non Apple people. You can also listen straight from Tucker’s The Spark & The Art website, as well as sign up for updates on future episodes with other awesome people.

I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think!