I’m running my first contest!

March 31, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Yep, I figure there’s plenty of smart people on the internet, like Joshua Earl, Noah Kagan, and Derek Halpern, who are supposedly seeing amazing success attracting new readers to their websites this way that I should give it a try. I’d like to get some more readers around here as I start to try to post more regularly, as well as put out some products and services.



The Contest – Ends 04/03/2015

Enter to win two awesome art and design related apps for Mac OSX, Icon Slate and ColorPalette.

About the apps:

”Icon Slate lets you easily compose, import and export icons in many formats for desktop and mobile.”

”ColorPalette makes it easy to find blending colors for a theme. Just drop an image on the window to extract its colors and sort them by different attributes. ColorPalette will help you to build beautiful color schemes quick and easy.”

–descriptions taken from the product pages for Icon Slate and ColorPalette on the Mac App Store.

Entrants are, of course, expected to make sure their hardware, OS, and app store region, are all compatible with the apps on their own. Check system requirements via the app store pages: Icon Slate and ColorPalette. The prizes will be delivered as an App Store gift.

Full disclosure: by signing up, you are also signing up for the monkeyslunch.com newsletter, full of awesome things like this, art and design, and resources, which you can also unsubscribe from at any time.

Enter the contest!


I’m open to doing more of these. What do you think would be a decent prize (that I could afford) to give away? Apps? Art? Love? Let me know.


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